Find out about a new take on Canadian literature in my review of Reading Canada by Wendy Donawa and Leah C. Fowler; you’ll find the review in the arts magazine Coastal Spectator.

Have a look at my review of Dede Crane’s novel Every Happy Family, published in the arts magazine Coastal Spectator.

When you’re in a bookstore, where do you find a semi-autobiographical, lyric novel like Arleen Pare’s Leaving Now? The story-poems in Patricia Young’s Amateurs at Love? Books are morphing. Spilling out of the varnished boxes set out for them: fiction, poetry, non-fiction. Where do you find a book that proposes not to be there at […]

Some weeks ago, at a party, I met a well-travelled reader who urged me to try the books of Andre Brink, his favourite South African writer.  The first one I found was Imaginings of Sand, written in 2000. I was not disappointed. 

Read Helen Humphreys’ The Reinvention of Love — To savour the glorious language: “August is the hinge between summer and fall, a time of bittersweet change . . . . poetry comes from this spiritual August – this place between loss and arrival.” To visit nineteenth-century Paris: its gentry and geniuses (Victor Hugo and George Sands, for […]