Honourable Mention in the 2018 Literary Writes Poetry Contest

My poem “The Buck” received an Honourable Mention in the 2018 Literary Writes Contest, organized by the Federation of BC Writers. This poem was published in the Spring, 2018 issue of the FBCW’s literary magazine WordWorks. You can also read it right here:

The Buck

The buck in our yard. So grand you want
to write a sonnet for him. His rack—

implacable—a first-Viking crown,
towering, tined, trophy. Forked, as though

it might divine silver, ruby, deep
spring waters, other-world rivers. Webbed,

phallic. The envy of Zeus. All this
on a slender head, muzzle brushed

satin. Sometimes he lies down, stretches
his neck along the ground, rests

his chin on the grass, aggravated
as Hamlet, with the weight, the weight

of his title. Larger than most,
limbs fine-boned, lethal. Haunches

whitened. Today, while he grazes,
a front leg, disjointed at the knee,

dangles. The other legs bewildered.
His eyes, unblinking, follow us when

we rake leaves in the garden. We speak
in low tones, let him sleep over, veiled

by old rhododendrons, canopied
by acuba, abutilon. Enough

water in the fountain, clover in the lawn.
His rack inclined toward the far horizon.

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