In Conversation: Poets Write – Artists Respond

In the winter of 2019, Coast Collective artists, based in Colwood, BC, created works of visual art in response to poems written by Vancouver Island poets. In April, the Collective featured an exhibit of these works, accompanied by the poems that inspired them; artists and poets were in attendance. I was delighted to read one of my poems, “The Imminence of Fracture,” at the opening of the exhibit. Artist Heather Barr, on the left in the photo below, created an intriguing visual interpretation of the poem (the artwork in the centre of the photo).

Another of my poems, “Advice to an Artist,” was featured on the promotional posters for the event.

Artist Amber Lomax created a lively abstract painting in response to “Advice to an Artist.”

And Dawn Masuch created a vibrant painting in response to my poem “Homecoming.”

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