The Reinvention of Love by Helen Humphreys

Read Helen Humphreys’ The Reinvention of Love —

  • To savour the glorious language: “August is the hinge between summer and fall, a time of bittersweet change . . . . poetry comes from this spiritual August – this place between loss and arrival.”
  • To visit nineteenth-century Paris: its gentry and geniuses (Victor Hugo and George Sands, for instance), its salons and duels, its parks and plagues.
  • To surrender to the love stories: the heat of forbidden love, the fathoms of mother-love, the triumphs of re-invented love (there’s more than one example), the power of remembered love — “I write this story down so that I can enter it again.”
  • To discover why “love makes more questions than it answers.”
  • To tempt yourself to read more Humphreys: I suggest Afterimage, The Lost Garden and The Frozen Thames.



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