New Poetry Publications for 2014

Two poems — “Aubade” and “I Know You” — have been published this spring in a special commemorative issue of WordWorks. Also, “Coming Out” appeared in this summer’s issue of FreeFall; this poem was a finalist in FreeFall’s 2013 poetry contest.


Dawn breaks the silken thread
that lets us breathe
one breath

dissolves the beaded night where
our limbs, entwined, are still

the July sun young
a surfer on a taut blue wave
brash, buff, jubilant

you sleep on in the light
etchings around your eyes soft
lines on a baby’s palm

the bleached browns
in your beard late-autumn

the bruise in the peak
of your rib cage
a half moon

in the place where
medics pressed their fists
while you hung

in the airless socket
of the storm, in deep-
space oblivion

and then returned.

Today you’ll wake again
I’ll hold the ladder
while you pick plums

slightly overripe
but plentiful
a million golden suns

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