Reading at the Poetry and Sculpture Walk in Oak Bay

In August, 2019, I joined poets Gisela Ruebsaat and Joy Huebert at Oak Bay’s poetry and sculpture walk, presented by Oak Bay’s Arts Alive sculpture program and GVPL’s Oak Bay Library. Each of us had written a poem in response to one of the outdoor sculptures displayed in the village of Oak Bay. A group of 25 keen art-and-poetry lovers gathered to hear us read our poems while standing next to the sculptures that inspired them. I wrote about the sculpture Jelly, created by Nathan Smith of Nelson, BC.

You can hear a recording of my poem “Parachute” or read the text of the poem at the Arts Alive website. Look, too, for the sculpture Harmony Humpbacks and the poem written about it by Gisela Ruebsaat; and the sculpture Dreams Can Come True and the poem written about it by Joy Huebert.

Throughout the event, participants offered engaging comments about the sculptures and the poems, and later wrote their own poems in response to the sculpture Winds of Time. What a lively conversation about the relationship between visual and literary art! Watch for next year’s Arts Alive poetry and sculpture walk.

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